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FCS Symposium’s Docs FCS Information Pack

This is a ‘holding space’ to test using Group docs within the Symposium Group for the ‘FCS Information Pack’.

Currently Anyone can view this, but editing can only be made by Admins & Mods (moderators) of the Symposium Group.

Creating it here keeps Symposium material separate from other site content and allows the Symposium group ownership and control of it including who can view or edit this document. As with all ‘docs’, multiple users can be given permission to work on and edit this ‘FCS Information Pack’

As Admins & Mods are assigned to the Symposium Group, they can set permissions for others to edit this.

See Creating ‘Docs’ within the Help & Admins group for more info on creating Docs

(above text is for info only – delete as needed)

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