• We aim to incorporate:

    an ideas exchange, resources sections, a ‘web of hubs’ to sites, organisations and individuals around the world.

    It’s a bold dream…we hope you and friends will help it grow…

  • about the ‘Web of Hubs’

    This is a real ‘web’, just like a spider’s – a place of connections – ideas – information – of dreams!

    Our aim is to make it a Web of Hubs for alternative and free cultural spaces and people

  • A bit of the backstory…

    The idea for such a FCS Web of Hubs has been nurtured, and now developed, following presentations made at the 2013 ‘3rd Futurological Symposium of Free Cultural Spaces’ held at Ruigoord, Amsterdam.

    You can all join in…we learn together and from each other!

  • What is the Web of Hubs?

    This gives you some idea of the range of 'hubs' that can be included. But there can always be more! It's a 'work in progress...

  • What is a Free Space?

    What is a Free Cultural Space?

    Who creates them?    Who lives in them?

    Where are they located?

    The FCS Web of Hubs may hold some of the answers...

    Check out the Directory listings...you don't have to join...

  • Enter into the Web of Hubs

    Click on the 

    Web of Hubs to use the

    Directory - Enjoy!

  • 7th Futurological Symposium on ADM – Amsterdam

    7th Futurological Symposium on ADM - Amsterdam

    de-gentrification - a manifest in action

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