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Help & Admins’s Docs Submitting links/listings to the ‘web of hubs directory‘

Members with a ‘contributor‘ account can add links (referred by this site as ‘listings’) to the ‘web of hubs‘ section (referred to as ‘directory’).
(Please Message a Site Administrator should you with to become a contributor)
From the very top WordPress menu bar, navigate to New – Directory:

new directory

Enter title of the listing/link – a description/intro in the text area below – then the actual url/link goes in to the website url box under the listing fields section. Leave out http:// for each link and insert the url in both boxes (url and link text).
You can put in 2 links if more than one address and if it has a facebook page put that address in one of the Website url boxes – the field that starts with ‘facebook’ is to display a ‘like’  button for that page.

Then choose a category (can have multiple) from the section on the right (currently you can’t make a new category, so let us know if that becomes an issue):

add listing

Then add an image by first creating it by taking screenshot of the site you’re linking to – ctrl + PrintScrn on the keyboard and crop/size it in and editing program to about 12×12 cm jpegs and upload into the upload images section.

Also Tag your listing if desired – select a currently used tag, or create a new one:

add listing image

Click Publish (shown in earlier image).

Contributors will need their entries approved by Moderator or Administrator before the entry is published. Membership can then be upgraded to allow publishing entries directly, with no approval if desired.

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