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Help & Admins’s Docs Posting to the ‘Blog’

Contributor account members can add posts to the Blog. These posts will be visible to all visitors to – including non-members.

Contributors will need their posts approved by a Moderator or Administrator before the post is published. Membership can then be upgraded to allow publishing posts directly, with no approval if desired and approved.


Navigate to NewPost:

new post

Enter the Title and use the text editor to construct the post:

add new post

The usual editing tools are available. Use the Insert Read More button to cut a long post into a short intro which expands to the full post when clicked Read More is clicked on:

read more

Images can be inserted by clicking Add Media and following the instructions to upload an image or Insert from URL or Create a Gallery.

Show below is the screen after uploading an image. The desired image is highlighted – under Attachment Details type an appropriate Title and if a Caption is desired, enter it here.

Under Display Settings check Link To is set to Media File (this will allow images to ‘pop-up’ to full-size when clicked on). Select a size – can be resized later:

add media

Once inserted, the image can be floated – hover over it until the small appears as shown below. Select the alignment/float. Resize the image by holding Shift on keyboard (to keep proportions) and drag the handles from a corner of the image as in all other image editors:

float and size image

Video (hosted on external websites e.g. YouTube) can be inserted to play within the post by selecting Add Media – Insert from URL. 

From YouTube, copy the Share code:

YouTube share code

…and paste into the Insert from URL box and then click Insert into post.

Links can be added by clicking the link icon from the editor and inserting as shown below. For external links (to other sites) include http:// in the URL box, but don’t in the Link Text box and do tick Open link in a new window/tab.

Internal Links (to pages on can be searched for in the box below and selecting the correct content – for internal links don’t tick Open link in a new window/tab:

add link

When finished constructing the post, choose a Category (can have multiple) or create a new category. Also choose a Tag (multiple allowed) or create new tags, separated by a comma:


Set a Format relevant to the post being constructed.

Save as Draft can be used while working on the post and click Publish complete and submit the post for a Moderator or Administrator to approve. You don’t need to wait for approval of one post before creating another – they will ‘queue up’ for our Moderators.

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