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Help & Admins’s Docs Creating 'Docs'

Docs are a collaborative work space to the FCS community. Docs provides a robust way for members to collaborate on group content.  Permissions can be set to control edit and view privileges.  Version control is automatically maintained, and members can revert changes, or simply track a document’s evolution.  Documents can be tagged, sorted, and filtered.

Docs can made within a Group or Individually:

Individually: From your Profile select DocsCreate New Doc

Group Docs: Navigate to your Group – select Docs Create New Doc

Attachments to the Doc can be added

Associated Group:

Choose the appropriate Group for the Doc


Select as appropriate – For this Doc, Anyone can View, but only Admins & Mods of the Help Group can Edit


Tag documents to help organise them e.g. since this doc is titled and is about ‘creating docs’ this doc has 2 Tags separated by a comma: help, docs

Parents and Children:

Additional, ‘Children‘ documents can be created by clicking Create New Doc and choosing the relevant doc as its parent.

To produce a structure such as:

Parent doc

— Document which is a Child to Parent doc, but can also have Children

— New Doc created as a ‘child’ of its Parent above

— Another New Doc created as a ‘child’ with the same Parent

— A New Parent Doc

— New Doc created as a ‘child’ of ‘A New Parent Doc’

and so on…


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