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FCS Symposium’s Docs 2015 Symposium at Christiania

2015 Symposium at Christiania ‘holding space’

This can be the first, or main archive doc for ‘2015 Symposium at Christiania’

Additional, ‘Children‘ documents can be created (relevant to 2015 Symposium at Christiania) by clicking Create New Doc and making the 2015 Symposium at Christiania doc its parent.

To produce a structure such as:

Symposia Archives

— 2015 Symposium at Christiania

— New Doc created as a ‘child’ of ‘2015 Symposium at Christiania’ doc

— Another New Doc created as a ‘child’ of ‘2015 Symposium at Christiania’ doc

— 2014 Symposium at Boom

— New Doc created as a ‘child’ of ‘2014 Symposium at Boom’ doc

Tag documents to help organise them e.g. since this doc is titled and is about ‘2015 Symposium at Christiana’ this doc has 2 Tags separated by a comma: 2015 Symposium, Christiana

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