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    Futurological Symposium of Free Cultural Spaces “Dialogues about Human Freedom”
    Tver, Torzhok district, the village Borovoye, 18. Russia, Tverskaya oblast
    Dates: 1–8 July 2016.

    The Futurological Symposium of Free Cultural Spaces – is an informal international group of free-thinkers and activists engaged in alternative lifestyles such as: eco-villages, eco communities, communes, leading festivals of the world such as BOOM (Portugal), Burning Man, Christiania …

    These people are also researchers of altered states of consciousness and new methods of immersions in themselves.

    We participated in two symposia of Free Cultural Spaces: in Portugal BOOM and in Christiania – free space in Copenhagen.

    Now, we are organizing this symposium in Russia, in eco-center “YES”

    In our SHIRAM, near Tver.


    Conditions of participation: Each one provides what they need for their own comfort

    Our Russian Free Cultural Space will be organized through initiatives and energy contributions of strong people, leaders, artists.

    We are looking forward and welcome volunteers in project preparation and organization of the symposium.

    Please note: Non-Russian visitors will need visas + an invitation― please contact the Russian consulate or embassy nearest you. It may take as much as a month for your visa to be processed.

    Express Visa: invitation for a trip to Russia for up to 2 weeks:

    Phone: +7 910 4,347,331

    Travel information: Moscow is the closest center. Shiram is 250km northwest of Moscow on the main Moscow-Saint-Peterburg highway (M11 E105). There are a lot of transportation possibilities ― buses, trains, hitchhiking; the organizers may arrange something special for symposium participants, depending on number of people intending to attend.

    General information: (English), (in Russian), and (for Russia House in California).

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