• Mookx Hanley posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Hi everyone! Finally got round to catching up with this site after 6 weeks camping at the amazing and successful Bentley campaign to stop a mining company setting up a CSG rig and commence gas mining in our pristine Northern Rivers countryside.. Since then I have had a year in and out of Hospitals with kidney and bladder problems … and other complications such as stents, catheters etc. All diagnosed as springing from advanced prostate cancer … which I am dealing with using Cannabis Oil and Bee Pollen, mainly vegan diet, sunshine, exercise, meditation and so on. That’s another story. I need to tune in here and find out how I can contribute. I’d like to write my own bio and alter what’s been put up kindly for me in my absence. So Hi everybody … and who’d like to help me out? 🙂

    • Does anyone communicate on here? What’s it all about? 🙂

      • Hi Mookx, sorry for the delay in getting in touch. Oliver here who’s constructed the site, but in between 2 jobs I work at, so can be hard to find time to develop the site more. Anyway – there was an issue stopping you from altering your bio which I hadn’t realised – that should be resolved now, so if you go to your site profile (not the bio on the ‘FCS contributors’ page – will explain that later…) and click ‘edit’ the box with your bio in should be editable now (the website links aren’t yet, but I’m working on it….). So just make any changes you like and click save. If it works (I just tested it on a testing account and it was fine) just get back to be to let me know and I can then copy and paste it over to the bio on the FCS contributors page as currently this doesn’t update from folks’ profiles. Hope this helps – there’s lots more to do with testing and developing the site, so hopefully everyone can bear with us – but do highlight any problems you find or suggestions/questions you have. Hope you’re doing ok, all the best 🙂