Issue 4: August 2019

To all our free cultural friends around the world! Respect!


Dear ...

We hereby invite you to participate in the Eighth Transnational Futurological Symposium on Free Cultural Spaces on 13, 14 and 15 September 2019, which will respectively take place at: Nieuw en Meer, Ruigoord and Vrij Paleis in Amsterdam.


After three symposia at Ruigoord (NL) and others in Boom-Land in Portugal, Christiania in Denmark, the Republic of Užupis in Lithuania and the ADM (NL), the eighth symposium is descending on three different cultural centres in Amsterdam. Decentralisation is of general importance for free cultural spaces and an important aspect of development of cooperation. This symposium can be viewed as a follow-up to the 7th Symposium on FCS (on degentrification) and the manifestation “Priceless Capital (Onbetaalbaar Kapitaal)” presented by the Cultural Defence Line of Amsterdam (de Culturele Stelling van Amsterdam, C.S.A.) at De Zwijger in Amsterdam in June this year. The symposium theme will be Reframing the Environment.

We expand our usual definition of “environment” to include those places we call “home”: our streets, neighbourhoods, communities. At the three locations we will focus on three subthemes; respectively: Hybrid Space (Nieuw en Meer), Space and Time (Ruigoord) and Recentralisation (Vrij Paleis).

 The final day of the Symposium is intended to present a statement to the city of Amsterdam in word and deed by having a demonstration leading to the old Provo-Totem ‘Het Lieverdje’. The parade will commemorate 50 years of Kabouterbeweging.

At this moment we do not have funding to pay your travel expenses. If really necessary we can take care of your lodging if you ask us up front,  and for food a fair contribution is asked.

 We hope you will find this invitation interesting enough as a former participant to come and join us again in ‘the Kosmopolitical Parliament’ next month. However, if finances or other limitations in life are making it impossible to come, you can view the speeches through our Facebook/YouTube-channel within approximately one month áfter the Symposium...


If you feel you need more info please view the Free Cultural Spaces Facebook page and send us an email or give us a call.  (+31 (0)20 6828353 and




The Free Cultural Spaces Amsterdam team:

Patrick van Ginkel, Menno Grootveld, Valal Dupont, Hay Schoolmeesters, Inge van Ulden, Myra Driessen and Aja Waalwijk


Invited International Cultural Free Spaces

Amongst many others: Barcelona, Christiania in Copenhagen, Gängenviertel Hamburg, Autonomedia New York, Doel near Antwerp, Užupis Republic in Vilnius, Institut for X in Århus, Thylejren in Jutland, UFA-Fabrik in Berlin, Proyecto Nuovo Mundo in Mexico, Shiram in Russia, The Poortgebouw in Rotterdam, Landbouwbelang in Maastricht and the Cultural Defense Line of Amsterdam.[*]


*The Cultural Defense Line of Amsterdam consists of: Het Domijn, Ruigoord, Zaal 100, OT301, Tetterode, Bajesdorp, Urban Resort, Nieuw en Meer, Rijkshemelvaart, Nieuwland, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, 1800 Roeden, Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen, Filmhuis Cavia, ADM 2.0, Einde van de Wereld, NDSM, OCCII, het Veem, Plantage Doklaan, Krux, Vrankrijk, Heesterveld, Vrij Paleis, Namasté, Mobile Arts, former Schijnheilig and Villa Friekens.


Reframing Environtalism

FCS Symposium 2019 in Nieuw & Meer, Ruigoord and Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam Netherlands.

 There are three sub-topics

1. Hybrid spaces (Nieuw en Meer) Friday September 13, 17:00-21:00. With examples of and visions towards synergetic concepts/projects like the Anthropocene Forest (Nieuw en Meer), The Eco-polder (Lutkemeer) and other groundbreaking extensions of existing free places (Ruigoord beyond the limits).

2. Space and Time (Ruigoord) Saturday September 14, 14:00 – 20:00. Durability and organic growth are aspects of forward-looking spacial planning. During this day e.g. attention is payed to international developments in this area. There are political, social, physical, mental and economical approaches, thought in terms of shorter and longer periods. The newly introduced term 'permanent temporality' by the Dutch authorities, regarding new free cultural spaces, opposes the concept of White Spots on the map, spaces where nothing is planned. These places don't fall under the category of natural- or cultural territories, but could form a third one, the white spot or nobodies every man's land.

3. Recentralisation of Urban Space. (Vrij Paleis) Sunday September 15: 14:00-21:00

By dividing cities into districts hardly any attention is payed to already existing centres outside the historical city centres. Thought from trans-industrial landscape views there is not one centre but many, that all lay in each others periphery.

 On Sunday the symposium will be closed of with a noisy procession starting at the Vrij Paleis towards the Spui, where an apple tree will be placed or planted beside the Lieverdje statue. The apple tree is an homage to the apple that symbolizes Magic Centre Amsterdam and to the Kabouterbeweging (Goblin-movement) that started 50 years ago.

 The 'Kabouters' strived for a car-free green city. They pulled out tiles from the walking paths to plant trees and learned us to deal with city-space in a different way. There aim was a life-style that matched with the one of the Goblins, to be in harmony with nature.


We will come into action to bring the simple past of the Goblinmovement to the present tense, to become one with our surrounding.

Text: Aja Waalwijk, with thanks to Patrick van Ginkel


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