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7th Transnational Futurological Symposium


on Free Cultural Spaces Amsterdam 2017


de-gentrification: a manifest in action


Amsterdam, 13th september 2017


Dear friend,


This is an update of our mailing of May 21, where you were invited to attend the

7th Transnational Futurological Symposium on Free Cultural Spaces that will be

taking place at the ADM in Amsterdam from 12 -14 October 2017.


The subject of the symposium is de-gentrification: a manifest in action.


As you know gentrification is one of the main issues being discussed by action

groups and city councils worldwide. Due to the new snobility, city centres are being

turned into mass consumer market-places. No longer are they places that support

creative residents. Cities that displace their inhabitants and shut down free cultural

spaces are written dead. In order to remain vital and dynamic, space is needed that

opposes to the power of the ever-increasing turnaround of leisure industry and

profit optimization.


As such, in countries throughout the world there is an increasing need for examples

of anti-oppressive, free ways of living and learning. We are in profound need for

experiments in new ways of building our homes and living in harmony with each

other and nature. Existing and new free cultural spaces should be nurtured and

encouraged to expand. Both in cities and in smaller towns and rural areas. From the

FCS Symposium, we hope to create a manifesto to share with local governments,

mayors and cultural and political leaders in Europe and the Americas.


In support of the declaration of the final manifesto, we intend to perform a

happening with pop-up embassies on Saturday 14 of October in the centre of

Amsterdam. If you cannot participate here, perhaps you can share information about this

planned action and maybe create some event in your home area too. Of course we

would like to be informed!


In the coming week we will have our first meeting on the potential content of the

manifesto. If you respond we will send you the results for possible reactions.

We are still working on the programming of workshops/speeches at the symposium.

Let us also know if you or your group want to make a short presentation.


If you come as a representative/inhabitant of a FCS, there will be food and (simple)

accommodation available (your own sleeping bag might prove handy). If you have

not done so already, please send names and e-mail addresses ASAP!

If you give notice before, you are also welcome some days earlier (maybe we can

use some help with the build-up).


As most sleeping quarters will be at a distance of some 5 km at Ruigoord, we like to

know whether you come with your own transport. If you cannot come, but would like to co-operate at a distance you are very welcome to get in touch.


As soon as we know more we'll let you know.

We hope to meet up, exchange and co-operate with you in Amsterdam.


Best regards,


Hay Schoolmeesters (ADM), Valal du Pon (F.C.S.), Eric van Duivenvoorden (Fair

City), Jaap Draaisma (Urban Resort), Ralf van der Schaar (F.C.S.), Frank Sol (Doel),

Hans Plomp (Ruigoord), Michael Kamp (Ruigoord), Patrick van Ginkel (Patapoe),

Aja Waalwijk (F.C.S.) & Alan Dearling (Futurological Symposium).



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the ADM-terrain in Amsterdam